Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Hay guys juast wanna wish u guys a happy halloween...and i know that everyone is busy studying...and exam really freak us out...maybe that`s part of halloween...but anyway i hope u guys had fun...oh and btw did i tell u guys i am performing this sunday...well violin of course...not nervous or anything cause songs are pretty anyway i gotta go a busy weekend to till then bye!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Not in school just wanted to come online for just alittle while to...check up on my blog!!!But exam is aroung the corner and study study study is the word now...just hope that most of us will past if we really study i dont want to fail...i mean who wants that...that would be a horrible im studying my head out...well my family dont really believe that im working hard to pass...but none of them really expect an A from me..cause i also know that i cant get an A for myself...i mean look at the class i in right now...ppl already know that im not really that smart...but truth is if u really work hard anything is actually possible even an A in ur exam!!!and i got to skip school today to study...cause exam is on well this wednesday and first paper is KHB, Geografi, and Maths yeah...i know my blog is boring thats wat i hear frm 1 of my fren who keeps checking out my blog...and i say wat can i do to make it more interesting...she said well some pictures would make it more fun...but truth im not really a person that take pics that much unless is an occation or in a i just hope that those of u that view my blog...i hope u guys will hang in there...who knows...maybe something exiting might happen in my life that i can share it with i wont be blogging very much now cause as u maybe after exam i`ll write till then...Bye!!!^_^

Monday, October 20, 2008


Ahhhh!!!!Tomorrow got prefect interview nervous and also very nerveracking...dunno wat they gonna ask...also dunno wat to answer if they least some of my close friend are also doing i wish good luck to all my friends for tomorrow...and result also will be know tomorrow...but i hope u bare with me with the result cause i most probaly wont post up till the weekends cause i have to study for finals...dont wanna i bend myself from coming sorry but u`ll have to wait to till then bye!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Hey...form 3...just wanna wish u guys luck tomorrow...cause its ur PMR day...and i know its very nerveracking...but just wanna wish u guys luck and all the best!!!:)

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Today is the day of hi-tea and the whole plan really works soon len and the others were really scared she`ll find out...but we manage to suprise her...cause today`s kean lynn we wanted to surprise her...but almost everyone knows so we were so scared that she`ll find out but no she was actually surprise when we open the door going in to the was really nice cause the hole ballroom was all dark when we open the door and then they started to sing happy birthday to her...she was so shocked...she can hardly even then she went up on stage and blow her candle...well mango cake of of her then later...she was really surprise about this...and the best thing is that she din even know that we were planing it was really fun...we also took alot of pics...and past down our post to the newly elected AJK`s for 2009...i was really happy to past down my post...well i wasnt that satisfied with the decision made...but at the end it actually doesnt really matters cause im not going to be there next all i can do now is to wish those newly elected AJK`s good luck...and enjoy cause this is a one in a life chance that u get to do good luck and congratulations!!!OH and not to forget HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAI KEAN LYNN!!!I hope u like ur surprise!!!

Well after hi-tea it was heavy rain...the whole DJ was was really cool but yet enjoy the pics and here are the lists of prefects that got elected!!!

Ketua Pengawas : Lisa Natasha
Penolong Ketua Pengawas : Peik Suan
Setiausaha : Eunise
Bendehari : Michelle Low
Ketua Disiplin : Yyvone
Ketua Kantin : Sher Wu
Ketua Ponteng & Kelewatan : Christopher
Ketua Kebersihan : Marissa
Ketua Keselamatan : Xiau Yan
Ketua Dewan : Tzen Szen
Ketua Blok : Pravin
Ketua PA : Asrizal
*Thank You Sher Wu!!!

Ya i guess thats it...i dont really know those two blanks are who...but we`ll find out soon eventually!!!:)

Friday, October 10, 2008


Well...tomorow is prefect`s hi-tea..and im really nervous...well i know ur asking y ami nervous...but truth is i cant realy tell yet...u know in case she finds i guess im flying solo now cause my friend soon len kinda abondon me on i hope i can pulll this off...and hope she`s not curios with wat we are i`ll post again and tell u wats really going on!!!C ya!!!^_^

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Well...lots of things going on...sry havent been writing lately...but i promise u i`ll write whenever im free.i promise...and hi-tea, exam and stuff are all coming up...especially cant wait for prefect hi-tea to come...its actually this sat so im very exited...and also thank u to those u came and visit my blog...i know so far its only been 22 but i hope u guys will keep on checking in and ya leave a comment or so watever...and thank u!!!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Apple Pie mom sorta bought a apple pie...well at least i thought it was a pie...but it looks like a gigantic muffin...and its yummy though...check it out!!!

I know...its slowly breaking apart...but it sure does taste good!!!

Selamat Hari Raya

Just want to wish selamat hari raya to all my malay friends...and hope u had a wonderful celebrations...and hope ur doing well on the road...cause i know that it`ll be very jam...during the time like drive slow...and ya enjoy...SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!!

Out And About

Me and chui ling went to 1 u this tuesday and it was lotz of fun...we pick out a random movie...and notice that it was a chinese we ran room to room and check out other movies...and most of them we went back to ours...and sat through the whole show...and apparently it was quite nice...actually...and then we went bowling...i almost strike twice...but was so fun...we had an incredible day