Sunday, December 21, 2008


So as i promise the pics i took in indonesia...sry took so long...a little lazy to put it anyways i hope u like it cause the life there is really me if ur there u`ll enjoy!!!

Climbing the 1km stairs to see the long beautiful water fall

Near shot of the falls

A clear shot of the falls

The hotel dog

The very delicious pizza there

And...over there they make their own batik and sell it

Small grapes

Our hotel we live in

The swimming pool

Nice view...the view there are incredible


The amazing view frm the feri we`re in

Hot spring

Making our way up to see the hot spring

Long way up...and its not easy to get up there...wear ur shoe if ur climbing cause we wore slippers and its not such a good choice...the water is like really hot so u cant play in it...its at a boiling temp...

Candid shot

Finally we reach

The whole thing there is actually sulphur so it really stinks like rotten egg

So yeah...i had a really great time there and also an amazing journey going there...its a really great experience to see how ppl live if ur planning to go to indo or lake toba...tell me so i can tell u lots of information about yeah...oh i also hope u guys are exited for christmas...i know i am...and i hope u guys have a great time...:)

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